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Botanical Name: Calendula officinalis.

Part Used: Dried flower.

About Calendula Tincture: Calendula flowers are bright, aromatic, and delightful to the eye, whether growing in a garden or floating in a teapot. The flower has many uses, both internally and topically. We tincture them dried, extracting out their radiance and their beneficial properties. Calendula's sunny quality uplifts the spirit, helps maintain vitality, and brightens one's energy. The tincture supports the lymphatic system and encourages a healthy immune response, making for a valuable fall and winter ally.

Calendula is mildly bitter and supports liver function, which in turn encourages healthy skin, healthy hormone balance, and the digestive system of the body. Because Calendula is so soothing and resinous, the flowers encourage beneficial activity throughout the digestive system from the mouth through the intestines along with supporting lymphatic circulation.

Taste / Energetics: bitter, slightly pungent, mildly aromatic, warming, drying, soothing, protective.

When to reach for it: As part of a skincare routine. To support breast health (linked to lymphatic health). During the transition seasons and wintertime for balanced energetic, immune, and lymphatic support. When seeking brightness. To support communication and listening. During a seasonal reset like an Ayurvedic kitchari cleanse, or other kinds of healing diets. To support digestive, breast, vaginal and oral health.

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